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Goody is a universal app you can use to discover local rewards and offers. Download the app or grab a card to get started.

  • Earn points & unlock rewards
  • Track your savings
  • Save local offers
  • Get premium offers
  • Support local business

Support more than 1000 local retailers

By using your Goody Card, you'll be supporting local businesses, not a corporate rewards company. Goody provides each business with the tools they need to run their own loyalty rewards program.

Goody for business

Want to run a better, fairer loyalty program? Join thousands of businesses creating their loyalty program, using world-class loyalty & marketing automation software.

  • Design & brand your loyalty rewards program
  • Connect with customers
  • List your offers & automate your marketing
  • Access a network of 700,000+ people
  • Customise to your enterprise requirements

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