Loyalty Program & Marketing Automation

Everything you need to create and retain loyal customers

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Goody helps grow local business

With Goody’s loyalty rewards, marketing automation, and CRM software, you can grow like a company twice your size and still connect like a real human being.

Gain new customers

Get your offers listed and acquire new customers.

Get feedback & insights

Measure customer happiness using NPS & customer feedack.

Retain existing customers

Bring customers back with a loyalty program that connects seamlessly with your marketing.

Automate your marketing

Create and manage powerful campaigns from a store or client level.

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The Goody Platform

Goody offers a full stack of products for your loyalty rewards, marketing, and customer relationship management. Plus, access to a growing network of 550,000 local members.

Loyalty and rewards program

Create and customise your loyalty & rewards program based on what works. Replace the need for loyalty cards and use a digital program.

  • Reward your regulars
  • Replace loyalty cards
  • Customise your branding
  • Track points & rewards

Marketing automation software

Want to run a better, fairer programme? Join hundreds of businesses making the switch to Goody's loyalty and marketing automation software.

  • Email & social media marketing
  • Marketing automation
  • Net promoter scoring & customer feedback
  • Local offers
  • Reporting & analytics

Customer Management

Align your loyalty & marketing efforts with real in-store redemption

  • Track & reconcile points
  • Customer lifecycle managment
  • Segmentation
  • Suspicious activity alerts

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Whether you're looking to promote your local business, reward your regulars or connect with customers, Goody can help.