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Loyalty & rewards

Keep customers coming back and reward your regulars

Marketing automation

Send personalised messages automatically

Customer management

Align your loyalty and marketing efforts with real in-store redemptions

Local offers

List your offers for the Goody network to access

Customer feedback

Automatically request NPS scores and customer feedback

Reporting & Analytics

Gain insights into your customers across all stores

What's next?

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Chin Loh

It created a bit more loyalty, people not feeling like they were dealing with a big corporate. Instead people feel like they are dealing with a local.

Brian Baker

Goody helped us go from Stone Age to modern technology in one easy leap. It works, it's easy and is perfect for our business.

Sanjai Baglia

If you're thinking about using Goody, it's a system designed for you and your store. It's a great tool for loyalty. It's easy to use and implement, and it's easy for your customers to use on a daily basis.

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