Goody Gurus

More than just account managers, Goody Guru’s help you succeed!

Goody works straight out-of-the-box and lets you create a digital loyalty and marketing programme with support from the Goody team. Our team of experts will help you get set up in the cloud software and automate as many features in the system as possible.

In the first hour, we’ll get to understand your business and your current incentives efforts – essentially monitoring how you’ve been marketing your business. From there, we’ll automate features in the software and create dedicated landing pages for your business, ensuring members can easily find you in the app.

Loyalty & Marketing in a box

Once you’re all set up and we’ve agreed on your loyalty rewards and marketing incentives, we then courier you all the hardware you need to get set up. It’s a super simple process – just unpack the box and place the tablet at the point of sale.

Local industry experts

Most businesses can’t afford the latest digital marketing specialists. So we let you use ours. Our friendly team, ensure you’re getting the most out of Goody, and help you with your customer retention efforts. They know what works best in different industries and can help guide you.

Let our Gurus show you how Goody works...

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