A single, centralised home for all your loyalty rewards and customer reporting.

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Reports | Monthly Store Totals
Store New Customers Points Visits Redeems Points Redeemed
La Penderie Docklands 8 950 190 22 320
La Penderie Ponsonby 12 1,075 215 19 250
La Penderie Newmarket 8 700 140 25 340
La Penderie Queen Street 8 995 199 20 325
Our loyalty and marketing software provides real-time reporting, sent live and in-store from the tablet device.

Loyalty combined with marketing automation ensures a personalised, rewarding message that customers actually want.

Visitor history and redemption

We provide real-time information on visitor history, redemption and dollars spent. Enabling you to measure the effectiveneess of your loyalty program.

Campaign reporting

In real time, your customer NPS scores and feedback are populated into the Goody software. You can access this any time and remedy any negative experiences your customers may have.

Store or client level tracking

Track the progress of your loyalty and marketing efforts at a client level or drill down to the individual store.

Demographics & behaviours

Gain a deeper understanding about your customers with insight on visitor history and customer segments.

February Customer Activity


New Customers


Points Earned


Points Spent



January Customer Activity


New Customers


Points Earned


Points Spent



Enterprise Reporting

If you're after enterprise level functionality, we have pre-built reports for your expiring points, restricted liability, historic points issued and many more. Ask us about your enterprise reporting requirements.

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